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DIOR by Dior: devoted love for women, couture, beauty

Morning loves! Here I am again to suggest you another good read: Dior by Dior. This is a very different book. It is an autobiography of Dior’s early years, but I felt it was written a bit like a novel. It is also a different kind of reading. You may have the pleasure to do a few researches on names, terms and places, to fully understand the story; or you can prefer to get it as a pleasant reading, and just enjoy it with the knowledge you’ve got. If you’re a fan – or a fashion victim – you’ll find it very easy to savour; if you’re a good reader, you’ll enjoy many bits and pieces filled with reflective moments and delightful words. It did captured my attention as soon as I saw it, and I don’t think there are many like it.

Dior by Dior‘ is the detailed story of the early years of Christian Dior as a man and designer. In fact in this book you’ll find the public figure, who can impersonate a character to give people a laugh and get the first ever Oscar for a French couturier; and you’ll also get to see the man, who built his personality out of every single emotion felt in the haute couture and in life.

Dior by Dior‘ is also the story of La Maison Dior, from the first sketch to the empire. Reading trough the pages you’ll find why the brand was innovative, when it became a legacy, where the first brick was built. Also, you’ll understand his relationship with the Press, what he’s expecting from the co-workers , why silent from the buyers means success. There is also a glimpse of the business life of the time, what does couture really means, the relationship between a model and the dress, what Dior detests the most, the creations for the American woman, the Italian clients, the errors and the victories, the first dress that gets a clap at a show. Many emotions are encased in these pages, and maybe that’s the reason why I loved it.

To me the whole book flows around his devoted love for women. He is the one who gave us back femininity after the war. And he did it because he wanted to make us not only beautiful but mostly happy. As much as he loves couture and women, he admire his models – mannequins. In fact he adores them and really knows them. And because of this he defends their profession and dispel some of the myths around them.

I’ve got out of this book quite a few quotes for my collection and I will definitely recommend this book. Especially to anybody who own a fashion books collection, but also to who’s passionate about ‘La Mode‘ or simply likes an easy and short read to enjoy by the pool.

Lots of love, JuliaG.

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