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Hi babes! How’s going today? I’m so glad to have a long weekend ’cause I really need to turn my closet upside down for winter! Now it is seriously here. I’m a bit sad to pack summer away but I have to say I do like a bit of cool.

So what always happen to me when the season change is that I need something new. I guess (and hope) it’s a problem for all of us. As I often do, I first buzz around my favourite websites to grab some inspirations and trends. Because 90% of my winter wardrobe is about coats, bags and shoes, and because I never have enough of them, I have a cool tip for you.

I often go for quality when I have to get new shoes or handbags, because it’s worth to have something durable to walk in. Especially under the rain and when it’s really cold out there, I want my feet to be nice, comfy and warm. Don’t you? And my bag need to be safe under the rain. Right?

Well, what I’ve found on Stylebop.com it’s just crazy adorable to be left there. So many of my favourites designers are on unbelievable sales and already quite cheap.

All on 30% off using code OLDMANWINTER

Suede is so attractive to my eyes. I usually prefer it against plain leather, but it is something that you don’t really feel like during summer. Therefore you need to take advantage of these beauties now, mostly because winter in Australia is almost never wet and you won’t ruin your items.

I do love boots in very length, height and texture, and I wear them whatever is the season. Below a bunch of the best brands on sale. Hurry up, sizes are already going down!

Some of my favourite classics and basics are next. When plain and simple needs to have that touch of style. 

Basically bags and shoes are always been my addictions, they kind of always come back and if you put some effort on find unique ones, your collection will never go out of style.

Also, designer items are always someones wish. So, when you get tired of them or simply you change your style, you have the certainty that you can always resell them to buy something new.

Regarding sneakers though, they seriously are never enough for me. Thanks God it’s been more than a few years now, that every brand is putting more effort on them, by creating some unique ones. Right now Stylebop has probably one of the best collections.

All these are on 30% off! Use code OLDMANWINTER

Hope you can find your unique style with some of these Designers. Let me know how it goes, and good luck with sizes!

Have a look at the last post if you need some inspiration to complete the outfit.

Love you,


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