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Daddy’s Day

Hello loves! Another Daddy’s day is due soon, and I have to say that I was so confused a few days ago.

Because I had the feeling I’ve already called dad and wished him a lovely day, but now I’m seeing father’s day card everywhere and I’m thinking time is going seriously too fast! But you know what?! I was right! Italy and Australia have different days to celebrate daddy! It was the 19th of March for Italians. So I’m feeling a bit better (cause I’m kind of safe) and a bit in rush cause I wasn’t prepared for this article. So I decided to pull out another kind of last minute gift guide!

I’ve experienced that the most appreciated gifts for dads are frames with a photo of him with his little princess. Not only for daddy’s day, but anytime. But we all know that boys need a hand to get to buy new stuff. They will never chuck something to get it newer or better, so we have to help them replacing old things. And as they getting older they’ll need more and more help.

Here is something that every dad needs to change every now and then, together with some items they will love regardless their passions and hobbies.

01. Cozy (and masculine) blanket perfect for his office’s armchair or his side of the couch

02. & 12. Simple and elegant leather boxes to store his collection of sunglasses and watches

 03. & 14. Technology is always a good idea for boys, so what better than a wireless charger pad and the union block for his Apple watch?/

04. & 05. If he likes whisky or rum the Tom Dixon decanter and glasses are the most chic I’ve found

06. & 15. Funny and useful kit for beard and travel. Cute ideas to make the difference

07. State lunch box/ 08. Fossil leather bracelet

09. & 13. Wireless speaker (this unfortunately is only for the US, but it was too nice to do not show you) and shower wireless speaker

10. Wine gems to keep it cool and tasty

11. Whisky book to know more about it and learn to create some delicious cocktails

You can still get most of these in time for daddy’s day, or you can use this guide as an inspiration to find the perfect gift for you beloved dad. In any case, just think about him and how much he loves you and it’ll become easy to find what will make him happy.

Good night girls! Love you!


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