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Come as you are

One of the most famous phrases from Nirvana, ‘Come as you are’.

You might think it is a weird choice to start with for a rock addict, considering this is sitting a bit more close to grunge. Well, to be honest I have never been a huge fan. So this is a group that fascinated me when I was a teen, and I have to admit they haven’t really ever align to my musical taste and general style. But it is still rock, and it happened to be one of the booms of the 90s, so it’s actually more something of my years than my preferred music. I appreciate a lot some of the instrumental parts. They somehow give me energy. Kurt’s story and his life struggle with love interactions is also something that intrigues me. Last, it’s the second quote I posted that I really relate to – the first was ‘One in a million’ – .

‘Come as you are’ is just the most amazing statement, and I find it very current for the era we’re living in. With this necessity to be all perfect along the socials, no phrase has ever been more perfect. It means a lot to me, and that’s why one day it just happened to appear in my mind, while I was randomly thinking about I don’t know what. So I put it on a Canva writing and shared it on my IG. It had quite a bit of success, but I still feel it hasn’t gone thru as I wanted to. In fact, I didn’t just want to share one of the most known lyrics. And definitely I didn’t want to seem a crazy Nirvana’s fan.

‘Come as you are’ to me, literally means COME-AS-YOU-ARE. Plain and simple. Pull out who – and how – you really are, discover it, show it to the world, and be proud of it. Be proud of being your unique self. But how difficult is it to do so? I have always been a bit of a black sheep in terms of taste, style and especially opinions. Initially scared about other’s judgements, I suddenly found my way out by answering back to jokes and annoying pressures, during my teen ages.

From there my ideas of everything are not modelled by others just that easy. It is difficult to be listened by me – like properly listened – and most likely it’ll get to some no ending discussion. Cause I like it this way. I like to build my own opinion and preferred to base it on my experience. I just can’t follow an idea based only on someone else’s point of view. And I need to have proof and real reasons from the other side, to be attracted to a thoughts coming from somebody.

Let’s say I’m not a ‘Yes man’ and definitely not a blind follower. So if you like me, you’ll probably have some trouble 😉 I am actually good with my peoples, I’m not a complete b****. But if I don’t know you well, there’s no chance you can get my attention by bragging knowledge around. I’m not saying that my ideas are law, but to me they are based on lived reality. Therefore they represent my values, my life rules and my personality.

I’d like to see everybody playing in life this way, cause trust me, it means you become proud and strong. The freedom to say no to someone’s rules and the capability to face a conversation with something more is priceless. I honestly rather have a vivid discussion, maybe a little fight, but knowing that we both have something inside and we will grow a bit every time we listen to each other.

This ‘come as you are’ process keeps growing within me. I believe it has give me the freedom to stand out for my things, and it has helped me to become stronger and not afraid of judgements from anybody. There are many days where I feel crap, but I will always find my way out of it. Even if it means leaving something behind. We have to happy in life, because this is what life is. And we have to be proud of who we are, what we do, what we say, what we achieve… I find no reason why little goals shouldn’t be considered huge steps if they enable you character to come to the surface. No absolute necessity to please rather than stand up for yourself. I don’t want to halt behind anyone, I need to walk along people. And this is how I do my life.

So my day tips coming along with ‘Come as you are’ are:

Don’t be shy about your opinions. Speak out loud when you feel the need to do so.

Be who you are no matter what: people that are meant to come to you will make their way.

Always grow and feed you personal opinion on things. Inform yourself on what you love as you have to be an expert at it.

If you have a different feeling about this song, I’m curious to know about it! Drop a comment here or at rockundermyskin@gmail.com.


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xoxo JuliaG.

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