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God bless Bralettes!

Hi loves! How are you? Ad how do you feel about bralettes? I hope you’re all tuned on the blog today cause I need to share with you some women things. It is also women’s day soon, so I feel like this is just the perfect moment to talk woman to woman. So here is the thing: I cannot stand bras anymore! Anyone sharing this feeling with me? I believe we’re more than a few. The problem stared to come up a few months ago, and I felt like it could have been a phase, but now I’m sure it is just time to give up on bras.

I’ve been wearing push ups since I realised my breast wasn’t going to be more than an A size, and when the super push up appeared on the market I changed my whole collection. I never wanted to be a huge size, but I wanted to look like there was something at least ;P. Lately I’ve been caring less about it, and I eventually started to think that faking my breast with foam rubber doesn’t really make sense. It is what it is, and I certainly don’t feel like I’m less interesting because of this.

What freaks me out now, is that all these bras are getting lose on the straps. This creates a weird effect on my tops, unless the tops are very tight – which is not a style I wear often. To be honest, this funny effect is been happening for a while now. So I’ve been changing bras more often and I feel like I wasted a lot of money. Also, as I said, I can’t stand their fit anymore. I feel squeezed on my ribs and stomach, and lose on shoulders and breasts. Awful! Have you ever had this feeling? Please tell me is not only me!

I think I’m probably getting the wrong size but, guess what!? My size is already difficult to find, and the one I’m looking for to change on it… never found it at all! This makes me quite happy cause I like to think the small size family is getting bigger. Or they just produce less pieces… Let’s go for the first one, makes me feel better ;P. Jokes aside, I definitely can’t stand them anymore. If I eat something I feel I can explode anytime. Therefore, God bless bralettes!

I’m starting to replace all the push ups with bralettes just now. Reason why I’ve been buzzing thru a few websites, and thought I could share my favourites with you. Well, you know bralettes are a must now, but it is such a difficult thing to change underwear! For me it is such an intimate feeling, and a big step to change something that went well for so long. So I needed my time to switch. We have seen bralettes under open collars for pure fashion purpose. What I hope is that this trend will never end!

Because it is actually a very comfortable idea to be able to be our true size and fit into a nice trend at the same time. Also, I love lose tanks and tees, and the idea that having the bra springing out from it is not a shame it’s a great relief.

So here are my favourites…

Mosmann 2 Pack Sheer Lace in black and burgundy and White Lace are very romantic and I think they should be reserved for your man eyes only. We have to keep something exclusively for them, even tho we like to follow the trends. They’ll appreciate, trust me! Same is for the one from Love Stories in black with pink dots.

What I see more comfy for the everyday and working life are the DKNY mesh star in soft pink with foil star print, the Women’secret animal print lace triangle in ice pink, the Topshop sheer lace bralette in rose and the Fleur du Mal Gardenia lace triangle bralette. These are less worked on the hems, therefore, perfect to hide under clothes. Also, they’ll help shaping a bit, thank to the padded cups.

The Monki triangle lace in white, the Pleasure State Madeline Monroe soft cup in black and the Savage x Fenty lace triangle in fuchsia pink are perfect for deep neckline t-shirts and v neckline long sleeve. Because their laced hem will follow the whole neckline, creating a crazy great effect.

My favourite lines for relaxed tanks and off-the-shoulder tees are those with fancy straps and worked lace hems. The We Are HAH black lace with, the Flora Nikrooz dotted white are perfect ones to show off your back. And the Lingadore velvet set with the Free People Harper lace trim bralette are the right ones for a loose and deep tank. As well as the NA-KD lace bralette in black works well with this idea.

What I love about the Hunkemoller lace and satin in burnt red is the possibility to hide it under crossed back tanks. This bralette is also a really nice colour to let spring from a black top.

Love you, JuliaG.


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