Slash the autobiography

The first book I wanna suggest you is from Slash. He is the craziest character you can read about in rock history.

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Obviously I’m a bit ‘part, because I love him, his way of being and the Guns N’Roses. But believe me, reading his story means being glued to the pages, with the enthusiasm of wanting to know more, and the ability to continually be surprised.

I have enjoyed this book in every detail and I surprised myself to smile often, imagining the scenes described. The interesting thing is that it really make you feel like living with him every moment. Because the descriptions are complete and the writing is pretty smooth. In this autobiography you will find his complete story, from his birth, and you will travel the train of his memories, full of incredibly important artistic influences, changes of style and personal growth.

In this story are named many of the most important characters in the history of rock, and more. Keep in mind that one of the first people to be part of his life was Bowie. And you can’t imagine whereby.

Of course many passages speak of his various addictions, moreover this has been his life too, but if you gradually work your way through all those details, you will discover a great life, which should be lived only as it was lived. And you’ll be surprised also about how he never mixed his addictions with his music.

There are bonds, passions, emotions, interests. Told in its own way, of course, but that allow us to understand this living legend and feel part of the process, at least a little.

What I also love is that Slash has chosen to describe the birth and growth of Guns N’Roses too. Almost in every single detail. As well as the birth of many of the GN’R songs, videos and live concerts. I believe there is no better book to understand how the formation process of this group was, which I consider one of the best ever and forever.

So whatever your interest in Guns, Slash, rock, art, music, life…this is the best book available!
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