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DuffDuff the autobiography


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The differences are many between Slash’s autobiography and Duff’s.

My overall impression is that the two artists decided to tell us about themselves for completely different reasons.

Duff in fact, has focused the story much more on himself. On his personal thoughts and on how he has carried on his crazy life. How he figured out to live it and get the best from it.

The writing is flowing and light, and therefore captivating and interesting. His points of view are very well described, and his feelings are explained even better. The story is his story. The personal one and filled of life events, that have made him the phenomenal musician and the man he is.

The Guns N’Roses flutter here and there in the pages. Duff’s intention is not to tell us about the band, if not in some fundamental details for the description of his life. The necessity of this living legend is to explain himself. And perhaps, even partly to confide his reasons and emotions to us.

Enclose in these pages, there’s the story of a musician that survived for a reason (that you’ll discover by reading it) and has maybe expiate part of his sins (but I’m not totally convinced about this!)
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