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Hi loves! Today I woke up with the thought that a good blazer is one of the most difficult pieces to find. I mean, out there is unbelievable how many choices we have, but a blazer that is worthy of the name is another story. Doesn’t matter how much you’re into oversized, you must find YOUR perfect fit with this dress. Your fit depends on your body shape, and a well fitted blazer can enhance your assets and conceal you flaws. For this season they are a real must, and I am very pleased about it, cause they have always been one of my favourite pieces. I often wear a blazer for a coat, and I did it since I got my first one – can’t remember how long ago ;P. For chilly summer nights, opened over a tank; in cold autumn mornings together with knit and big scarf. So stylish!

This February has brought a new way to wear our older blazers giving a fresh twist to the look. Yes, I’m talking about belts on blazers. And yes, I know Feb is almost gone, but I have the feeling this will be a trend all year long. Of course I have my personal idea of what should work together, and even if I see every kind of belt forced on any shape of blazer, I think some rules should be followed. This ‘everything everywhere’ will certainly work for the catwalk but, from real world, we should consider our body shape and personal taste. Well, I’d like to pin my personal taste on this post, with a few rules to nail it. My favourite cuts for a belted look are:


Suit blazer with flat collar, slim fit and narrow cut. The simple collar line makes it perfect for every belt, so you have plenty of choices here. No collar, hidden pockets and single button, to me this is the perfect blazer for a belt. When there are too many pins and the pockets are a statement, wearing a belt will create too much noise to the outfit.

One button only, correctly positioned on the waist line, striped and a bit loose. With this line is very easy to meet the outfit with a great thick belt, which I rather be with a knot closure than a buckle one. But this my personal opinion.

Double breasted are what I consider the second perfect style to add a belt. Not everything will work tho. This cut is the best because the 2 buttons on the waist line will get hide and the 2 on the breasts will just give a little more style to the outfit. I will match the belt colour with the buttons one, to give uniformity. Or wear a white belt with the buckle matching them.

Long line with an open cut and fitted on your body lines. The single button on a long piece, makes it open and soft, even if structured. The greatest belt for it is a soft leather to wrap twice over your waist and let drop softly to the brim.

Now that we have the blazers, let’s find the best belt match!

The amazing cut of the Elina Leather Belt is also available in cognac. Made in smooth faux leather, asymmetrical, perfect on the most simple blazers. Similar is also the Samourai belt from IRO.

Forever New made the Maya belt, which is also available in brown. Simple but different with the little gold buckle detail.

But the Zimmermann maxi oversized buckle waist, is definitely my favourite. A real statement, under which the blazer can be plain and monochrome. I mean, have you ever seen a belt so maxi?!

B-Low The Belt created another maxi. This fancy python leather will give a twist to our black or white blazers and, why not, to a camel coat.


These are the cutest I’ve found. I see them on a long line blazer or a long coat. Even with a fitted blazer to wear with a long line, soft and aflutter top underneath.

A Fabric belt is very easy to wear, cause it’ll adapt to the shape of your clothes and the ends will softly follow your movements.

The Rachel Comey mini estate belt is something to be very careful with. The only problem is that a thin belt is difficult to wear with this trend, unless the blazer is really perfect for it. Which is difficult to find, so maybe double wrap your waist into it.

Isabel Marant created the Lecce leather belt, available in brown too. It has just the perfect length to make everything fashionable!

Another python from B-Low The Belt, studded and very long. Really I couldn’t resist!

Glamorous like crazy, the black belt with multi row chain detail. This was simply love at first sight!

To summarise, the rules are:

  • better a belt which is thicker than thinner.
  • flexible and soft materials will help to give a smooth look to the total outfit and help if the blazer is structured.
  • keep it simple; the more the blazer is easy, the more the belt will stand out and give you the new look we’re looking for.
  • risk it all on the belt: use different lengths, textures, colours… always give your look a fluid final effect, but give a go to that fancy belt you really like… you never know!
  • have fun matching your already owned, and go shopping if you’re missing the perfect piece!

Have a nice week!

Love you, JuliaG.

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