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Back in Black

Hi lovelies! Today it’s time to go back to the classic black! I did gave you some tips about my beloved colour not long ago in ‘The Essential Black‘ post, and today I feel like we need something new about it.

Because this is my safety and comfy colour, I like to find different cuts, textures and fabrics to keep it important. The most annoying thing is when people do not noticed your new piece cause they think ‘she’s in black again’. No way! This can’t happen. We gotta keep it interesting even if we are wearing black every day (or whatever is your favourite). Luckily, it is also very popular and often something I like comes also in black, so it is very difficult to miss a piece. What it’s hard is to leave something, and don’t buy the whole shop.

Last time I did shopping at Zara, I bought 4 black pieces. They are stunning and they definitely are something your eye won’t skip. But I tried something like 20, and it took me a good half an hour to decide between them. The trick to decide is to think about the possible combinations with the clothes you own already. If you can make the new one work with 2 other it’s fair enough.

Today I was going thru the sales on The Iconic and I just couldn’t resist to create a new board with the most interesting black clothes I’ve found. My wish list is difficult to upload now, so I need to stick those clothes somewhere! 😉 And guess what?! They’re all UNDER $ 100 !!!

Left to right:

Mossman faux leather pants with hem split – Running Bare floral sweat Wallis midi dress with silver studs and invisible zip at the back – Closet London asymmetrical tie front top satin fabric – Topshop oversized spot jacquard topThe Fated frill dress trapeze loose hemline in chiffon texture and frilled shoulders and waist – Missguided one shoulder mini dress with lace hem, adjustable strap and balloon sleeve – Ivory & Chain blazer dress with plated skirt and deep neckline – Lioness jeans high wasted slim fit with heavily distressed white rips

Leather pants – every rock girl needs a pair, but honestly I think every girl needs them, no matter what’s her style! This are so special with the leg swing and the split at the hem. Just perfect to draw attention on your shoes! Also, is very difficult to find a Mossman under a $ 100!

Floral sweat – I don’t wear many sweatshirts, but when I decide to, I need them to be special, different and fancy. This one is the perfect match for every pant, dress and skirt! Try it on top of a black dress for a fresh look.

Studded dress – this piece speak by itself. Doesn’t need much more to give you an amazing outfit. Just add your plain black sandals or pumps and a leather jacket for cool days.

Satin tops – I often wear distressed denim or plain pants, so I do love to play a bit with tops. Satin (and lace) is just the perfect fabric for a ripped and oversized bottom. a pair of heels will make it really special!

Dresses – as you might have noticed, I’m not a skirt/dress person. I feel much confident with pants, and I find a bit difficult to be my-wild-self in dresses. Although, sometimes it’s to hot or I even feel girly, and when I’m in this mood I need something that speaks loud. I have my plain and simple ones, but I regularly go for character. Drapery, asymmetrical cuts, unpredictable necklines and overlap of textures. This is what I look for in a black dress.

Distressed denim – black denim is one of my favourite, cause washes can be so particular compared to classic denim. This white rips are definitely screaming personality!

Have fun finding the best black pieces for you collection!

Kisses, JuliaG.

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