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Axl Rose

An unreal band with an unreal singer. Axl was just amazing. Axl is irreplaceable.

Hello beautiful RockBabes!

I have this throbbing in my head…How can we know the real story behind a band birth? Not on websites. They are cold and anonymous, with no soul. Neither on fan pages. These are steeped of opinions and mettle. Newspapers and magazines? Certainly catchy, but how do you know if they say the truth? Usually they don’t.

The only sure way is to sit on your idols couch, next to them , and chat with them. OR… Or sit on your couch, grab their autobiographies, and read by yourself. I guess it’s even better, ’cause you have the possibility to build up your personal opinion while you’re on it, and let your mind fantasize, as if you were there with them to live the moments they tell.

“C’mon… do you seriously think you can have Slash in front of you, chatting about his life, and that you can pay attention to what he’s saying? Lucky you! I think I could only be able to look at him and hear my brain telling me “WTF you’re in front of Slash!” and probably also “Don’t cry, don’t scream, don’t touch him!” “


Anyway, you can’t always find autobiographies, especially regarding rock artists. So there you can find biographies. Authorised ones. There are many many unauthorised books about a lot of rock artists and bands, but I don’t believe in those. I think if they are UNauthorised there must be a reason.

This is only my personal opinion, by the way.

I’ve been through these 2 stories for a few months. They gave me so much to think about, that I had to split this post in 2 parts. One it’s this you’re reading, and the second one will be online tomorrow.

The first book I’m talking about is from Slash, and the other is from Duff, from Guns N’ Roses (for the ones who doesn’t know). Actually these books are the reasons why I decided to start this little blog. They’ve been the first real investment I’ve made. They basically gave me a reason why, and a great strength to believe in my little project. But a part from my recommendation to read them, I would like to move on a higher step. Therefore, I’m not going to make a review or a summary about. Not in here.

I just want to write my idea about Axl Rose. Not as a fan, but as a person who doesn’t want to pay attention to unauthorised books, and who prefer to read autobiographies whenever it’s possible. So..


“There are no books about Axl Rose. No autobiographies. No biographies. Authorised, I mean. Nothing. Total emptiness.

A huge quantity of Guns N’ Roses stories (most of them unauthorised), Slash’s story, Duff’s, Steven’s mum vision and whatever else. But no, nothing that could be considered the real life of Axl, from Axl point of view.

I stared to think about some kind of contract that he may have entered into, with the specific intention of preventing the world from writing about him. Writing the truth, at least.

He’s not new on weird contracts at all, so why not.

I’ve read somewhere a phrase that acted more or less like this “…now it’s clear why we don’t have Axl’s book…”. I guess it was on a review of one of the Guns N’ Roses book, on Amazon. I don’t remember exactly the content, but I remember I stared to smile, and I thought he was the real one.

He is the one who doesn’t care about nothing at all. Neither about how his image goes around the world. And much less about telling his story. Looks like he doesn’t even care about the fans. Only music. Playing music. Playing rock ‘n’ roll. With his rules, of course, and in its sole conditions; who’s not pleased with this…ciao!

But Slash and Duff developed something not indifferent to success. They wrote for totally different reasons, and with completely different intentions between each others. But they did. I’m pretty sure, or better, I’m completely convinced, that Axl did not read them and did not even intend to do so. Not at all.

“If he did, I should change this whole article!”

But I am equally sure that he is aware of the fact that they have written about him. Not because he was told, not because Slash or Duff warned him, nor did they ask permission or blessing.

Pure and plain chemistry, I guess.

The little thing called chemistry, that made the huge difference for the GN’R birth. THE chemistry which still remain their souls connection, their way to communicate to each other, their same strength and weakness.

If you think about twins, you can get what I mean. If you are a twin, you can understand. Or, if your read the guys autobiographies, you can believe me.

It is as if Axl had given the tacit consent to all that Duff or Slash wanted to write about him. Not approval, perhaps, but total consent yes. As if they could, but everyone else doesn’t.

Both in their books tell that when someone took it with Axl, they defended him. Then, a moment later, they said the worst things on him, perhaps talking to the same person with whom they had defended him. But they could, because they knew. They knew him. The others don’t. All the others don’t.

And that’s exactly the same. I have the feeling that Rose had build into him the same concept. The feeling that Axl has suffered the same process on the matter “lets talk about us”. Naturally focused on himself only.

This is the main aspect of his character. Egocentric. Self-centered. Self-absorbed. Yep, this last one works better. Axl is a self-absorbed man.

His whole world is only running around and through himself. No place for other’s thoughts and no interest in others opinions. This didn’t work well for the Guns N ‘Roses because, after a little while, it had worn them from the inside and brought them adrift. And of course I’m sorry and it makes me think. I’m a fan after all. But I firmly believe that his way of acting has a great strength, from which we should all be inspired.

Axl Rose has created what he wanted.
Let’s say without Izzy, Steven, Duff and Slash he wouldn’t be able to; but let’s also remember without his assent nothing would have ever happen.”

Now, even if you’re not a fan of them, really don’t you want to know more about this incredible front man and the most huge band ever?

To be continued…

Kisses, JuliaG.

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