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I’ve always had to do things in my way.

“When Axl gets into a conversation, there’s no stopping him. He was as long-winded as Mark Twain.

Have you ever tried to understand why GN’R songs are so long? Damn! And they are already been cut in some cases. If he is so long to explain his point, how can you think he can be short in writing. Isn’t a song the explanation of something, at the end?

He always had a point of view that he felt strongly about and was always so sincere about it.

So he could be as long as he wanted, because when you are that sure about your ideas, there’s nothing to stop you. If you add sincerity, and intelligence, there you can have a monologue that no one is seriously able to attack. And there it is where you become your own strength.

He is super intelligent, yet at the same time he lives in a place where the logic that governs other people doesn’t apply. (…) The amazing thing is that he didn’t understand, in some situations, that he had done anything wrong; it wasn’t within his frame of reference. There are certain protocols that Axl just didn’t heed; since he’s not in the same mind space as other people, the accepted norms just don’t occur to him. (…) Regardless of the world around him , insist on existing according to rules that hold true only in the universe that he has created around himself. And this was also because he always had a lot to say about why he did what he did. 

Whatever he did. Good or bad. Correct or not. His vision and his world had that much power on him that he couldn’t try to fight.

Let’s say it was an instinct. That primordial instinct of being who he was without any minimum kind of regrets. But if you really want to go against him, Axl Can get completely psycho when he decides to fight.

The band usually decided to avoid fighting and discussions with him. It was probably because they know, deeply, that his acting was what give them that success. They never really looked at money, but they all wanted to be on top. They wanted to become what they always dreamed to, and Axl, with his huge love of the great songwriters, and the fact that he was more sophisticated and always brought a different edge to the proceeding, could keep a sense of reality and go on hard during the creative process.  He usually wasn’t passing out like they were. He was a real hard worker, and he had always work for perfection.

There was a sense of impending danger hung in the air around him. His fire could not be controlled.

Especially when he wanted to create his art. If there was a song to do, he could disappear and go on alone, or push everyone around to do what was needed to find the perfection.

He has always worked for that.

When he was around, he was a bundle of energy, and together with the incredible chemistry between this five guys, from the beginning, they had this unique way to put things together, which was also very fast, most of the times. Everyone had a special connection with another member, that gave them the possibility to create art easier, but he could always take a simple Izzy melody and turn it into something fantastic. So when the melody was done, they just needed the voice.

And Axl voice was so versatile, and underneath his impossibly high-pitched shrieking, the bluesy natural rhythm was riveting. There were 2 voices coming out at once.

What I love the most about his personality, is that he is brutally honest. His version of events might be singular, but the truth is, he believes in what he says with more heart than anyone else you could ever meet. And if you let him, he try to draw you into his world, to show you his version in his way(…). This is that kind of behaviour that I appreciate. We should all get something from someone else, and there’s nothing better than get a little thing from someone who is stubborn, moody, arrogant and greedy with reckless disregard for the others. Because this is what create bond between people. GN’R have been able to be that huge, because there was Axl character. None of the others has ever been convinced as he was. His sense of conviction about the band, is what create everything. If you ever been to a GN’R live, you should have noticed that his acting on stage was his way to build up what GN’R  meant to him in his mind.

Yes,he arrived late so many times, and so late, that this band should not have even a fan. But the truth is, that he always had a reason. And it was neither alcohol nor drugs, as it happened to the others. His motives were internal to the band or internal to his person, but they were valid.

Can we blame him for not wanting to go on stage when he was not in the mood to do a perfect performance?

I do not think so. And I think the fans knew, below, that his way of acting has given the Guns a trail of admirers who are their own and no other band ever overshadowed. Beyond the inconveniences and injuries, which of course are not forgivable, the fact remains that wherever they went to play people were there. And it was an endless expanse of flatterers who would never give up the bone. After all, they waited even more than 3 hours to hear sometimes only half an hour in concert! A sort of love-hate relationship. The same that every member of the GN’R had with Axl. I simply believe that he succeeded in what he wanted. Axl completely and irrevocably managed to create the biggest rock band of the 80s.

Of course he created a bit of problems inside and outside the band. And the worst happened inside. But for Slash, Duff and Izzy there was something more. They’ve tried their best to shore up the chemistry as much as they could. They knew he needed someone to communicate his feelings and he also had demonstrated a lot of compassion over the years. He was that kind of person that if he saw something in a person, he would do everything possible to ensure that person remain part of his vision. He can be the most tender and thoughtful of friends with his hyper emotional sensitivity. They get used to Axl’s intense emotional swings marked by periods of incredible energy followed by days on end when he overtaken by black moods and disappear.

This, together with the chemistry and the passion they all had deep in their hearts, created a connection that will never died, for no reasons. Not even if they want it to die.

But once you felt that you have a strong bond going with him he’d do something that completely defied what you knew. And after, when he want to say sorry or I love you, is never with words. He always choose to patch things up with grand gestures. Because in the end he realised, in the small moments of polish, far from the madness of his genius, that he has a terribly difficult and annoying character. But what strikes me is his infinite trust in himself and in his abilities. As if saying:”

“I know who I am, I’m shit, but all of this is mine, I created it, and I’m not going to apologize”









This is my personal description about one of the most important characters of the rock scene. Some of the highlighted phrases are taken directly from Slash and Duff autobiographies. Because I thought this was the best way to be real, and because I wanted to intrigue you.

Now, even if you are not a fan of Guns N’ Roses, don’t you want to know more about the biggest rock’n’roll band of the 80’s? 😉


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