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It’s all about Rock!

Hi Rock Babes!

I just realised I didn’t post a proper presentation about my blog… so…

If you are here means that my Blog (at least the title!) has something in common with you.

So give me just 5 minutes and I promise you a little trip. Where to? You’re gonna figure it out soon! 😉

First of all you have to know that I’m totally in love with 3 little things: Shopping, Music and Books.

“You can say that’s pretty usual for a young woman as I am,

but what is cool about it?”

Well, everything I love to do, buy and listen to, has a common line behind. This little line torments and excites me from forever that sometimes it’s difficult to remember how it all started!

<img alt ="some of my rock items">

Most of all, I love clothes Shopping, on line much as in shops, but usually I never find what I am looking for, and for sure I never buy something enough “Wow!”,so happen often that I just grab items to lock them in my closet, waiting to find their perfect match.

So here is my first point: why people think that being Rock means wearing total black and aggressive clothes with broken shoes and dark eyes???

“Rock? Yep…this is pretty cool isn’t it?

Just give me a chance…”

Then I love reading, passion inherited from mum and dad who despite living in a 70 square metres house have about 10 ceiling bookcases. The problem is that I recently decided to be to old for romance novels, which are to boring and usually has all the same endings, and to young for thrillers, absolutely to much complicated and needs to much concentration. When I read I just want to relax and learn something interesting…

<img alt="my rock books">

And that’s my second point: what the hell can I read to feel relaxed on doing it and don’t look like an old woman surrounded by cats and with no human contacts???

Well I recently discovered that Rocks Autobiographies are doing exactly this…they give you information (pretty cool once) and make you feel like an intelligent, but not alienated, human. 😉 ( joking! )

“Yep, Rock again…

Trust me you’re gonna like it!”

Finally last, but not less important…actually my first love… Music! She is a part of me…

“Oh yes! She!”

<img alt="listening rock music">I think she is part of us all, and I must admit that I greatly envy singers, producers and composers because they have a huge power over us, more than anyone else. They can make us cry, smile, scream, fall in love, dance… They have this incredible strength, and we could no longer imagine to live in a world where the sound of the music cannot be reproduced.

But I have to be honest, I do love almost every kind of Music, but the real passion is for Rock Music.

After this you’re probably thinking I’m a bit crazy, or you already love me! But I have a final point! I swear!

Do you remember about the common line behind? Did you get it?

What makes me able to do not waste money on clothes that I don’t really like, or time on looking for books that I can’t find, and moments in places where I don’t wanna be…

In one word it’s Rock!

Because it’s a passion, a lifestyle, a journey you would never want to end… and if you let it, it flows inside you and it reach your soul.

As a result of your love you’re gonna find it Under your Skin…

Does my Blog has a shape now? Seems like, but let me give you some more focus.

What I’m gonna Rock here?

Basically every single aspects of your lives:

  1. Music: Highlight the best Voices and discover all their world through Books & Music
  2. Fashion: Help you on showing your real soul at the world with Style and Fashion
  3. Shopping: Find Rock (but not only black!) Items to decorate the spaces around you
  4. Places: Discover fabulous places with a Rock soul and let you know all about

and of course grow every day in this amazing world with you by my side!

In conclusion,

…my dream is to give a little “Rock-Escape-Space” for those who have my same feelings, and why not, to intrigue those who don’t have the same passion..yet!

That’s all for now,

See you soon Rock Babes! And don’t forget to stay in the rook loop!

Kisses ***

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