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Hi babes! How are you today? I’m pretty excited ’cause I have something special to share with you today!

I have finally found the perfect products to take care about my delicate face skin! I’m so happy ’cause it is always been difficult for me to find something good, and because my skin it’s a mix between sensitive, oily, dry and imperfect. I’ve tried all the most expensive brands, the most popular for sensitive skin, the no perfume ones and so on. I’ve spent so much money and left them all in bin half used.

Therefore, when I saw April&Ko on Instagram I’ve decided to give it a go. Knowing that Korean beauty is one of the most rewarded in terms of quality, and that the Koreans are one of the cultures who care most about skin and face care.

So I’ve spent days on their website reading the descriptions of every single product (they have a huge range!) and then I made my decision.

If you have my type of skin, you can rely on these products with no doubts at all! Otherwise, if your skin have other necessities, I’ll recommend to invest some time on reading the descriptions, and I assure you that you’ll find one of your best ally. If you need more info Elle magazine and Allure had already reviewed some of the products available on April&Ko.

So this is my new facial routine with April&Ko products that what I’ve tried so far.





First thing in the morning for me is try to make my eyes looking awake! Cold water can be enough, but this foam is my new best friend! It’s the iUNIK Centella Bubble Cleansing Foam formulated with 69% Centella Asiatica Leaf Water to help strengthen and moisturise. You can’t believe how soft it is and because is a gentle, pH-balanced cleanser, it effectively cleanses away impurities whilst moisturising the skin. With the Tea Tree Leaf Water it also help to soothe and rejuvenate the skin.

How to use: one pump to massage face for about a minute, and rinse with warm water. Suitable for all skin types and safe enough to be used for the whole family. 


My second step is the tonic water Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence.

This is the first product I’ve tried from April&Ko and it’s a lovely mix between a tonic and a rose water. It’is a rich, watery essence that gives your skin a brightening and softening boost. Smells like a delicate bouquet and it’s incredibly gentle. Enriched with Galactomytes Ferment, famous for its almost magical effects of improving hydration, elasticity, dull and uneven skin tone. And guess what? It helps to target fine lines and wrinkles. What more can you want?! 

How to use: I dispense a few drops on a cotton pad and dab it on eyes too.


Third and last step in my morning routine is the Cosrx Moisturising Lotion.

Morning creams for me are the most difficult to find because of my mixed skin type. I need something rich and hydrating, but fast to absorb and non greasy, ’cause I often put make just a few minutes later. This lotion is finally the one! It’s a lightweight formula enriched with 70% Birch Sap to hydrate, calm and soothe sensitive, irritated skin. Easily absorbed with no greasy residue, making it perfect to use under make-up. The oil-free formulation helps prevent acne breakouts while also quenching dry skin. Nothing has been more perfect for mixed skins!

How to use: massage one pump on dry skin after your usual morning wash.



As soon as I come back from work I just want to wash up my make up. I need again something not greasy and as fast as possible because I’m a bit lazy. There are a few gel product that I really like, and I often change between these few to give my skin a bit of a change.

At the moment I’m using the Heimish Clean Balm. It’s a solid balm, that becomes a smooth, milky texture to remove even the most stubborn makeup, whilst simultaneously moisturising and hydrating the skin. Trust me, it’s the most soft texture I’ve ever seen in a cleanser! And even though it contains shea butter , rinsed with warm water leave no trace of oil at all. Suitable for sensitive skin as it does not contain parabens, artificial colours or fragrances (unfortunately). It to provide intense moisture while citrus herb oil calms and soothes the skin. White flower complex evens out skin tone and coconut extract results in softer, smoother skin.

How to use: I grab a scoop (it comes with a little spoon to dose it) of product and I massage half of it on my right face side and the other half on the left. Starting from cheeks to finish with eyes, and rinse with warm water. You won’t believe how gentle but efficient it is!


Right after I refresh my skin using the tonic water Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence, which is my second step for the morning routine as well.


I give about 10 minutes to the skin to absorb the tonic and after I dispense about 3 drops of COSRX Centella Blemish Ampule on each cheek and 2 on forehead. This is a product specifically for sensitive, damaged skin, that contains concentrated Centella Asiatica Leaf Water, which I discover as the perfect ingredient for my skin type. Also designed to reduce excess sebum production while actively reducing the redness and irritation associated with breakouts.

How to use: from 5 to 8 drops for the whole face, depending on how dry is your skin. I’ll suggest to massage as long as you can, ’cause as soon as you stop your skin will immediately absorb the drops.


I leave the drops to do their job until bed time, when I finish the treatment with the Cosrx Centella Blemish Cream. This soothes and rapidly heals blemishes and acne scars. It is an anti-inflammatory treatment that also provides intense hydration and moisture. Suitable again for all skin types, especially those that are acne-prone. This product also controls sebum production to help prevent further breakouts.



The best news is that all of them are under $ 30! Also, on April&Ko website you can have 10% off by subscribing, there are 5 loyalty points for every dollar you spent that will give you more discounts, and there is always something on sale. Also, you will always receive a lot of samples!


Some products that I’ve linked might be sold out, but no worries, they are restocked very fast. And, by the way, I think this is a good sign of quality!


Now it’s your turn to cuddle your skin with April&Ko! Have a look, find your treatment and let me know!

Love you,


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