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A Vest as an Accessory

Hi ladies! Today is time for a piece that’ll always help you to rock your look. Because no matter what, a vest is one of the most used to create a fashionably rock outfit. If you go to concerts and follow some rock bands, you sure have noticed that they’re often wearing them. Of course they’re making a real statement with a vest. They usually wear it with nothing underneath (or with rock/metal tees), and they adorn it with studs, patches and safety pins. They probably buy it already done this way. But they have a lifestyle that allows every kind of excess, specially with their outfits.

As you know, I like to keep it rock in a fashionably way. Most of us rock girls, have a job that doesn’t allow any excess at all, and a lot of us wants to still follow trends and be appreciated for our style. Therefore, I rather leave the crazy outfits for concerts and rock pubs, and keep the fashion side of the rock world for my daily things. Luckily, the fashion world is still loving a bit of studs and chains in its collections. But, as I always say, you can find a bit of rock in every single brand. You just have to train your eyes.

I’ve been wearing every kind of vest since I was a teen. Even when I was a kid, but that was mum’s choice so it doesn’t count ;P. I still buy them and I still wear them, of course. A nice thing of them is also that they won’t lose their fit easily. Wearing a vest opened on a tee always fit, and always gives that little touch of something.

To score your outfit tho, you should keep an eye on cuts, lines and textures. There are 2 ways: one is a statement outfit with a plain vest; the other is a plain outfit with a statement vest. If you go for a plain total look with a simple lined vest, you’re still cool to me -and I do it sometimes – but it is more tricky to make it rock. Anyways, the most important thing is that you dress properly for the occasion. Just keep some vests in your closet ;).

The most important thing to say is… vests are back! This March they’re on the fashion magazines, so this is the perfect time to start your research!

ASOS DESIGN leather/metallic look in khaki – River Island sleeveless frill in white – ASOS DESIGN double breasted in textured plum satin – ASOS DESIGN dad suit blazer in Ivory – Stradivarius checked double breasted waistcoat – ASOS DESIGN utility mini dress with belt in linen – Topshop utility shirt with belt in landscape print – MISS SELFRIDGE tux waistcoat with satin details on pockets, collar and hips line – Marciano lace top in red

If you’re willing to spend a bit more you should definitely check on Yoox, where brands like Pinko, Patrizia Pepe and LiuJo have the beast styles for vests. I’ve done the research for you here. And, as always, Zara has plenty! If you ever fill stuck, and you’re not sure if the piece will do the outfit we’re looking for, you can always msg me on IG, drop a comment below or email me ;).

Love you, JuliaG.

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