A Gentleman in Moscow: the greatest pleasure of reading

Hello loves! How are you? I’m so happy that I can finally give you my opinion on ‘A Gentleman in Moscow’ !

First of all, this amazing book is an absolute treasure to me. Because this novel gave me back the pure pleasure of reading. Certainly I’ve been floating within the words to create a visualisation of characters, places and emotions. I’ve been reading it with the greatest curiosity and interest, right through the end. To be honest, I am actually a bit sad that it ended. I think it’s one of those books that you’ll never want to finish, but you crave to reach the end at the meantime.

Amazing is also the structure of it. If you are like me – so you don’t like to close a book until you’ve reached a stopping paragraph or a chapter – you’ll find very easy to read ‘A Gentleman in Moscow’. Because of the many paragraphs and mini chapters in the chapter.

The story of this man could have been sad and lonely – considering the first facts – but the way he renew himself multiple times, gives an image of life that is always there to surprise. A life where learning never stops, and a smile sometimes comes out of unimaginable things. There’s the well proposed opinion that no matter who you are and how much you know, you will have to adapt to unexpected proceedings, and sometimes it’ll be for the better – and forever! But, even so, it is still possible to be always a step ahead using our knowledge and experience, which are proposed through the interest for reading of books, the privileges of the royal status and the simple happening of life.

Life is surprising this Gentleman, and it will surprise you, cause every now and again you’ll feel connected to him. Even tho this novel is set in the 30s, and there’s a very rare situation to start from. I have felt like he was teaching me something; as he was explaining me the endless importance of loyalty, tenderness, happiness, pride. There are so many soft words that I can use to describe this book. Believe me when I say I have never get so emotional over a book. Not in a long time, at least.

Amor Towles has created a pleasant but deep reading, with his smooth writing and delightful historical and classical references. It is sublime how he mentions characters from history, mythology and art. Romeo and Juliette, Napoleon, Homer… are just some popular examples. It is as if he wants to grab back our attention and make sure we memorise. As if he knows that sometimes the mind wanders by itself when we read. No matter how good is the reading.

In the delicate and soft way of writing this book, there are a lot of funny moments and you’ll find yourself smiling quite so often. Also, surprises won’t fail to happen, and love is a romantic nuance that drive the whole novel, but is never placed in a boring or predictable way. Dialogues will captivate your attention every time – you’ll look forward for them!

The best part? The end is actually up to your interpretation of the whole book. In other words, Towles will leave you the option to end it your way. Or at least this is my interpretation of it!

Hope you’ll enjoy this as much as I did.

Lots of love, JuliaG.

It is a fact of human life that one must eventually choose a philosophy

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