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7 (plus 1) Tricks for a Perfect Concert Outfit

Are you ready to be perfect?

Welcome back, Rock Babes!

Today it’s another grey day in Sydney, so let’s find a ray of sunshine in our looks!

It’s time to give you the best suggestions to have the perfect concert outfit.

As you know I’ve recently been to Paramore one, but during the last years I’ve been to a lot of other concert and that’s why I have experience to write about this.

At the beginning, when I started to go to my first ones, I had the same problems as you. I was shy and insecure and I was just trying to be a copy of my idols, but this was not profitable. Why? Because I wasn’t me and I was feeling this. I couldn’t really enjoy the events ’cause I was always feeling imperfect and inappropriate.

After the 3rd live I’ve been, I discovered some easy tricks to follow my tastes and feel perfect at the same time, and I finally started to enjoy every second of the shows! So open your wardrobe and follow my guidelines! Don’t worry, you already have the clothes… Just need to put them together!

”  If you wanna get something new, I’m giving some links as well… 😉 “

What I usually choose it’s a comfortable look, but of course I never leave style at home. Never! So you can follow the list below to be awesome and comfortable at the same time. There’s anything better than this?

“Just to let you know, I will not copy the singer/group concert outfits anymore,

even if I’m a huge fan.”

In this post you’ll find some inspirations for a summer way. But going on further with the blog, I want to write also about a winter one.

So here we go!

  1. Long trousers or Legging – I’m not a teen anymore, unfortunately, so shorts are not a possible choice from my point of view 🙁 . (I wear shorts, but not every kind of, and for sure not for a concert) Black, with rips for trousers/jeans and faux leather or vinyl for legging. You can jump and sit wherever you want, without being afraid to ruin them. 
    DON’T wear a skirt. Long ones are annoying and short ones are unsuited. Both keeps you from moving freely, and we wanna jump and run if needed!                                                                                                                                                                  
  2. Top – Oversized with legging, that you can wear like a mini-dress. A soft shape is preferable even with pants, but you can choose a shorter length. My suggestion is for a soft and not a tight one for 2 reasons: 1st you you can feel free to move and it’s a fresh sensation when you’re gonna jump and sweat; 2nd you can always knot it to change your look a bit.                                                                                                                                                 DON’T wear a t-shirt of the group/singer. You don’t wanna be confused in the crowd, don’t you? You wanna be yourself and recognisable and appreciated by others, why not!                                                                                           <img alt= Guess lace top concert outfit>
  3. Boots or similar – I’m a huge fan of biker boots, ankle boots, and customised Converse. I wear boots almost for every outfit, and for a concert… Just perfectly stunning! You can literally do whatever you want with them at your feet and if they get more used ’cause of other people jumping on them… simply awesome! The more they look used the more they are beautiful. And you have stories to tell about… 😉 
    DON’T wear sandals or open shoes. Don’t ruin your outfit! Shoes are the most important part, and by changing them you can change the whole look. And remember…you could go back home with scars you would not have a story about, and for sure your feet will scream for the pain.                                                                                                  <img alt= MK concert outfit>
  4. Biker jacket – Faux or real leather, that depends on your way.Grab something that you can tie at the waist. This gives bit more interest on your outfit and of course it’s comfortable. You have to remember that if you’re not a teen (like me) anymore, you probably going to feel a bit cold after sweating so much, when it’s time to leave. And you also have a new look if the night will go on somewhere else. IF YOU PREFER a nice sweatshirt it’s perfect as well, but be careful on your choice… the biker jacket will always be perfect with no thinking to much about the matching.  IF YOU OPT for a total black (top, pants, shoes) I suggest a jeans jacket, or a colour biker jacket, otherwise you’ll have the “dark effect” that we don’t want. <img alt= Guess red jacket for concert outfit>              <img alt= Guess jeans jacket for concert outfit>
  5. Always remember a Hair tie – Absolutely necessary if you are like me. I have very long hair but I always leave them loose. But when you are to a concert there’s no way… you’ll need to do something to breathe!
  6. Jewels – The most important item that can give you a unique outfit and can even change your look if you change it. I usually choose just something, but not to much, and of course it’ll be something I’m not afraid to loose. Trust me, it will happen (twice to me) and I don’t wanna loose family gifts anymore. So if you’re wearing an easy top, get a particular necklace to give your look that more touch; if you have a top with details just choose a fine one, or better nothing, and be concentrate on rings (very difficult to loose) and bracelets. I love them. I have 3 bracelets always on, and 2 rings as well.  I’m working on having more of those, but I’m pretty picky. 😉 Anyway, bracelets are never to much and rings neither. But remember to choose the right ones for the event!                                                                                                                                                                                                <img alt= My jewels concert outfit>
  7. Bag??? Not for me! Well, handbags has the same value as shoes for an outfit, but my suggestion is do not bring with you a bag for a concert if you don’t really need it. Firs of all, for the freedom sensation, and 2nd so you’ll not have to think about the security guys.

“You know how it works…”

BUT if you can’t leave the house without a bag…

  • black is a must for rock and to not think about possible spots
  • small as much as you can, just need to fix in the necessary for the night
  • long shoulder strap to be able to wear it crossed over your shoulder and forget about it
  • possibly something you don’t care much about

“I’m not saying it’s a sort of dangerous event, but you never know. And I think when a lot of people are in the same place and are elated, someone will always loose something…”

P.S. : Last advice from a friend… Less makeup, less mistakes!

Now play with you closet Rock Babes, and get ready for the next live!

Love you so, kisses ***

P.P.S. : now it’s sunny now outside! Clothes power!! 🙂

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