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5 ways to style the H&M Fall sweater

Hi babes! How’s your weekend going? My last few has been pretty quite. I guess because of the chilly weather. It makes me feel like stay home and watch a movie it’s a good idea! Of course, I always find some time to do shopping, no matter the temperature outside!

Last weekend I’ve bought a beautiful cozy sweater for $ 30 in the H&M Fall collection. Because I found my self wearing it so much, I want to show you how versatile it is.


This is the trend of the moment: front hem inside the pants, loose at the back, and a statement belt. But not every jumper is totally working with this style. I found that some are too tiny, and most are definitely too oversized.

This H&M sweater is the perfect one to follow this popular trend. Because it’s oversized but it still stand out your feminine figure, it has a lovely V neck suitable for shoulder off and it’s thin enough to fit in your pants without feeling messed up.

I like to wear it with a leather jacket or a long line blazer on top. Boots, flats, sneakers or heels? Just follow your mood of the day and you’ll be perfect anyway!


Soft and free.

Not being too wide it gives you the chance to wear it loose over your pants, maybe one shoulder off and a lace singlet underneath. In this case I will suggest to complete the outfit with a coat or a cardigan that goes longer than the sweater. An oversized blazer will work as well, but make sure it goes over the sweater, or not more than a couple of cm above it.

Cozy dress.

I love when a jumper can easily became a winter dress! Specially because I’m really sensitive to cold, and I found really difficult to find winter dresses that keep me warm without adding too many other clothes on top and underneath it.

This beautiful H&M sweater it’s a tiny bit too short though, so there are two options I’ll suggest. You can go for one or two size bigger, or (my favourite) get a nice slip, maybe with a lace or chiffon hem to wear underneath.

Here a short jacket of any kind it’s perfect, and you know I’ll suggest a leather one and biker boots, to keep your look nice and rock.

I linked below a few choices from Amazon. They all come in different colours, and they really are a cheap investment!

Date night.

Super easy to get this look. You simply wear it as I’ve suggested above, with a lace or chiffon slip underneath, and you go for a pair of pumps or heel boots.

On top a half length coat or a slim long blazer, to keep it sexy with elegance.

Super comfy.

This is my favourite outfit of the moment.

If you really wanna have a comfortable outfit, the H&M sweater I’ve found will work perfectly. Choose a soft pair of wide leg pants or a boyfriend pair of jeans and you’re ready to go. You just need to add a sleeveless long coat and your favourite pair of sneakers.

This is my way, but the comfy outfit is so versatile, that you can basically choose every jacket and shoes you feel like.

Now, unfortunately, Australia hasn’t developed the online shopping possibility on H&M’s website yet. And also, the colours available are different in Australia from the US and Europe. So I’ve linked the sweater below for my lucky overseas friends, and for my Aussie babes the suggestion is to rock in one of the H&M shops ASAP, ’cause I’m sure this jumper will sold out fast!

Colours in Au are black (my choice), dark green, blue, light grey, white and ivory, if I remember correctly.

For US and Europe follow the links.


Have a lovely weekend with your new load of outfits!

Love you,



PS: if you need more ideas you can have a look back at these jumper from last winter

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