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5 Pink advices (& more inspirations!) to be ready for the weekend!


Hi beautiful Rock Babes!

Have you ever think about pink for a rock outfit?

If you believe that this colour can be wear only for a “Barbie outfit”, reading this post you’re gonna change you mind. (nothing against Barbie and girls that looks like her, it’s just not my style, but honestly I think they are beautiful in their way) I had the same belief until some years ago but one day I had the feeling I was missing something and I really wanted to change direction about what it’s usually associated with a rock look. So I decided to find something cool, to be able to wear also pink colour. Of course I needed to discover a piece with a huge personality and a kind of unconventional beauty.

At the beginning was difficult but I was determined! I’m pretty stubborn when I have a mission, and you know my opinion…

…You can wear everything to be rock, you just need to think out of the lines.

So here we go Rock Babes! If you sometime feel that you have to be more “girly”, now you can be it, also in pink.

My guidelines are very easy to remember. Maybe less easy to find, but I’m gonna add in here some of my favourites new pink item, so you can just grab what you prefer, without stressful researches. Never miss new stuffs it’s a must in the fashion world. And even if we wanna be always rock and a bit different, we have to be on top.


1. DRESS_ Not every kind of dress can be rock. What you have to check to decide if your pink dress it’s the perfect one? Usually a particular cut it’s a good choice. If you get a long one, with a vertiginous slit or with long back and short front, you can choose every shade of pink, from fuchsia to bridesmaid one.

alt ="pink Asos dress1"
JOHN ZACK TALL Plunge front wrap Maxi dress 


alt ="pink Asos dress"

ASOS Mini Dress With Self Tie 

For a short one you have to find a particular shape or, at least, the dress must have some details or not be too tight, so you can avoid the image of “Barbie girl”.

alt ="pink Asos dress lace"
TRUE DECADENCE PETITE Cold Shoulder All Over Lace Mini Dress 

If you like lace, you have to be careful. This fabric can be easier connected to a marriage. So it’s important to choose something unusual (black details like this up here are perfect!), and you always have to complete your outfit with something black, as a biker jacket or whatever sort black of shoes.

alt ="pink Guess dress"

GUESS   Liu Velvet Sequin Slip Dress 

Sparkles and brightness are always a good idea to be rock, but the problem about lace can knock at sequins door as well. This one from Guess it’s perfect, because it mixes lace and sequin in a small simple shape and it’s pretty easy to wear for every body shape, doesn’t matter what size you dress.


2. TOP & T-SHIRT_ If you are not ready to have the right feeling for a pink dress, you can start with a top. Much easier to find a nice one, and also to let it be rock. I mean, there are less rules to follow and you can choose other colours for all the rest, to complete your look. Just 3 little advice:

  • Tight ones works perfect with every model of black pants of course, but you can also wear other colours. Boyfriend jeans in a light nuance, palazzo trousers and long or short skirts in white, red & military green, and skinny pants in every jeans shade;
  • Oversized ones matching well with legging (better in fax or real leather), palazzo and skinny jeans (better if ripped), but rigorously in black;
  • NEVER FORGET to look for a particular cut and/or something elaborated. A simple pink t-shirt doesn’t work. Well, can work but you need to be very particular with all the rest.

alt ="pink Asos body"

ASOS Cami Body In Sequin Embellishment with Back Strap
alt ="pink Asos satin"
Satin Tuck Detail Top ASOS 
alt ="pink Asos top2"
ASOS Matte and Shine Cold Shoulder Top With Hanky Hem 
alt ="pink Guess flamingo"
GUESS Flamingo T-Shirt 

“We are not rock if we can’t admit our weaknesses…”

I love funny tees. My weakness it’s for the cute and “sweet” ones. Because usually they’re affordable and it’s easy to get something that follow the fashion season without regrets. Flamingos are being really popular in the last years and they’re still on the market. My idea is to be rock, and rock it’s fun and happiness. And flamingos? They’re funny, beautiful and gives happiness. That’s why I think this t-shirt it’s a perfect item to get. 🙂


3. SKIRTS_ My favourite choice! My closet has 90% of black & white t-shirts, tops and shirts. Same for jackets & coats, and shoes, heels & boots. Therefore, I like to play with skits and pants. So if your wardrobe it’s close to my description, will be very easy for you to let this be your favourite selection of goods.

The suggestions are 3:

  • Prefer flat boots than heels if you have a short and tight skirt;
  • Complete the outfit with a black jacket or coat. Wear a short one if the skirt is long and the other way around;
  • Not to much for the top. Prefer something crazy for the skirt. It will be the highlight of the look.

alt ="pink tulle skirt"

ASOS Tulle Midi Prom Skirt with Tiers and Tie Waist  

I simply adore tulle skirts. Long or short are always awesome and gives you a lot of personality. They are not much popular for casual outfits, but my personal opinion is…

“If you are a strong woman, wearing this is one of the best way to show it!” 

alt ="pink sequin skirt"

RIVER ISLAND Sequin Check Mini Skirt 

alt ="pink puffball skirt"

ASOS PETITE High Waisted Mini Puffball Skirt 
alt ="pink split skirt"
NEW LOOK Split Front Maxi Skirt 

This last one, is a good one if you prefer to wear a crazy top in black or white. And also with a very particular jacket or customised shoes. If your black items are covered by studs, buttons & patches, a plain skirt it’s right for you.


4. SHORTS_ I find it difficult to buy a pair of shorts, i’m very very picky about those. Every body shape needs a different cut to look perfect in short pans, so you have to choose with pliers and careful attention.

alt ="pink shorts"

GUESS Bijoux Ruffle Shorts

In my opinion this is a perfect pair for every physique. High-waist, soft and slippery fabric, pockets and side zipper closure. Characteristics that gives femininity, comfort and adaptability.


5. WINTER STUFF_ I guess could be much easier to wear pink in winter, ’cause we have to go out wearing coats and jackets and there are more probability for boots and dark colours. I found some really nice clothes, and even if is not winter yet, we should be prepared. And nobody forbids us to play in advance! 😀 Just remember absolutely total black for the rest or maybe some white, but just for one piece of the look.

 alt ="pink jumper"
GLAMOROUS PETITE Relaxed Jumper With Cut Out High Neck
alt ="pink boots"
MALONE SOULIERS Designer Ankle Boots


alt ="pink fur"


To conclude, remember to pick only one, max 2, of my selected clothes for to have a Rock’nPink outfit.

I also leave below a list of inspirations, so it could be easier to build up a perfect rock look without mistakes.

  • Biker jackets ♥ First of all, a jacket has to be rigorously black and better if has some silver details like studs, buttons, patches (rock ones only), zips or straps. NO coloured furs and no flowers or any other colours. Pink it’s enough! NO gold. Doesn’t play well with pink, in my opinion. Some good ideas here
  • Black flat boots ♥ They can be biker or knee model but, if it’s possible, they have to match the jacket. Therefore it’s better to choose the same fabric that the jacket has, and if this one is full of details, the boots need to be as simple as you can. NO ankle boots with skirts, shorts & dresses. Almost never a good match with something that shows your legs. But perfect for trousers & jeans! Some really nice inspirations here
  • Heels ♥ For boots only ankle ones, with dresses, shorts & skirts; knee high are fine on skinny pants if they’re not looking too aggressive. For sandals or pumps the more they’re simple the more they can rock the look (remember you probably will wear a maxi tulle skirt). My favourites pairs here
  • NO belts ♥ The dresses I linked are enough detailed and elaborated, so you don’t need to add anything. Otherwise it’s too much!
  • Play with how much bracelets & rings ♥ you want. Just match the silver details of the jacket and/or the boots. Black it’s also perfect, and pink could be nice if you find the same shade as the dress, and if you wear also some silver or black. (But if I have to choose…no pink for me! Again, the dress it’s enough.). NO necklace for elaborated items, but yes with a plain black top and one of the skirts or shorts I listed before. Look at this…so lovely & rock at the same time! Just love it!!
  • Bags ♥ Depends on the total effect your look have, but the more a bag it’s particular the more I love it. Especially for clutches & small bags. Anyway, in this case I will bring with me a black one with silver stuff or, even better, a plain but intense fuchsia colore one.
  • NO pink pants for me… just don’t like them!

Click the picks up here to add some pink accessories to complete your job!

Let’s start your shopping to be ready for the next weekend!

Let me know if you need help rockundermyskin@gmail.com


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