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5 more rock essentials

Hello beauties! How did you find my last post about rock essentials in total black? We all love black, don’t we?!

So here I am again talking about 5 more unique ways to fill you wardrobe with rock essentials pieces! Yes because there are 5 more rock classics to be inspired with. You need to add these to your closet to be a real rock girl, but I’m pretty sure you already have some of the following. Every girl bought at least once in her life a lace piece, right? And what about striped clothes and military textures? I bet you all did. You may not have it anymore, you might still own it but haven’t use it for ages. Of course not every kind of lace will work for the rock look, as well as not every stripe is cool enough. Have a look at what I’ve found for you today!


romantic lace

Have you ever thought about lace for a rock outfit?

I think it is an evergreen for many occasions and styles, but it is also something tricky and kind of dangerous. To let it be positioned in the rock essentials list, we must pic the right texture and keep an eye on the possible matches when we venture this fabric. As always the best tip I can give you is to make a real research to find something exceptional that won’t change your style. I’ve found in Guess the most interesting laced clothes, so I decided to give you a bunch of options from their catalogue. My favourite is the absolutely stunning cherry top!


happy stripes

So many artists in the rock business have pull out at least one look with the stripes. Seems easy when we refer to them, but it is actually really hard to find the correct way to wear them, and also the perfect type of stripe. I wrote a post only about them some time ago, so you can get more info here if you missed it. Anyway, the general rules to keep it rock are ~ not more than 2 colours (three if the item is really well made) ~ better if they change directions, so we don’t look like white collars ~ black & white it’s better if has a detail that brakes the lines (or one of the two is the base for the other one).


military green

I love this colour so much because it comes back like every second season. This means that it’s never really out of style and even if, it’ll come back for sure soon! It’s perfect for summer and winter and matches almost everything. I’m sure you all have a military buried in your wardrobe! Well, if you are a rock girl,you can exhume it whenever you like.


funky blazers

I love blazers so much. Any fabric, texture and line. It’s just something I’ve always felt good in, and always saw in my mum’s closet. I think is not only a rock essential, but a women essential. In a country like Australia, where most of the year the temperature is not too cold and not too hot, I wear blazers instead of jackets and coats. Too keep a rock feel for your outfit you can get the most funky colours and fancy lines.

So now you have 10 + 1 essentials to search for in your favourite shops and in your own wardrobe. Make it really worth trying to find the most unique pieces, so they don’t get put aside ever again, and they can be combine with more outfits.

I will keep sharing tips about the essentials by adding some total looks very soon.

Have a lovely day, love you!


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