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10 tips for a relaxing lifestyle

Good good morning rockbabes!

Today is one of those days when I’m on the couch, computer on my legs and jazz-lounge music on the background.

My babe it’s working so I can get relaxed and concentrated to share something with you that have been stick in my head since last weekend.

Coming back from Italians holidays I just have a sense of peace and joy around me. As soon as I stepped again on the Aussie ground I felt immediately relaxed. So I realised that my lifestyle has changed a lot in terms of mental happiness and health. Well, I’m still spoiled (by myself) and stubborn, and I still love to have my material vices, but my brain is more relaxed than ever and I’m much more positive than I’ve ever been. And I truly believe this is visible on my whole body.

So I really wanna share with you my personal steps to reach this wonderful state of mind. I’ve personally reached them one by one, during these 2 years, without realising it. Simply coming back from holidays a reckon an instant click in my head, saying me “Hey, relax, now you can again”.

And because I’ve found it so incredible, I decided to think about what could have been, and I’ve found 10 little steps you can do every week to find your relaxing lifestyle, no matter where you are.

1. Beach 

First place to my favourite one…Go to the beach as much as yo can. Not only to lay down and get tan, but simply to go close to the ocean ( or the sea ) and feel the power enclose in it. To feel the breeze on tour skin and capture a bit of the relaxing sound coming from the waves. To see how perfectly the sand, the water and the sky fit together in a delicate balance, and realise how many times you’ve been right in front of that without feeling it. Take a breath and let the salty air blow your lungs. Stop thinking and simply watch. And why not, take some photos for whenever you need to go back to that relaxing moment. 


2. Yourself 

Just do something for YOU. I would say do this step every day, but I know sometimes it’s really difficult to find your personal relaxing moment for million reasons. So once a week it’s a good balance and you have to do it! Take an hour, or 10 minutes, it really doesn’t matter, and do whatever makes you happy, just you an no one else. Do not share this moment with anyone. For me, sometimes it’s a beauty moment, sometimes it’s taking care of my plants, sometimes it’s a glass of wine in the balcony, a morning at the beach by myself (this is so relaxing for me!)… Just a little something to remember to love yourself. 


3. Music 

Create time to listen to your favourite music, because this is one of the most for of magic. (Cit. Marilyn Manson). It can be on the home-work route, during the home cleaning or just relaxing on the couch. Do it, because it will give you energy, happiness and joy. 


4. Reading 

Why not? I have to thank mum and dad if I love reading. They’ve been readers since forever, and dad is a real “book eater”. Just to say, he can’t buy books anymore ’cause there’s no more room for them at home, so he go to the library. He finish a book per week… Well maybe that’s too much, but the concept is to keep yourself updated and learn something new continuously. I’m not talking about books only. Choose your type of reading, find your favourite topic and create your reading space and time. I do love books, as well as I have my favourite magazines and newspapers. Do it because it’s the only way to learn new words and be updated on your favourite topics. 


5. Writing 

Since now you’re reading, you’ll find easier to write. Create a folder on your PC, use the iPhone Notes, or get a nice paper notebook. Write a though, a dream, an idea. Tell a story, write a letter, take notes or extract some quotes from your readings and from the social media. If you do this last one, maybe try to add something yours, what the quote makes you feel or think about, why you selected it… I do these all and I write everywhere it easier in the moment, ’cause I hate to forget things I liked. I love the iPhone Note ’cause it keeps your thoughts per date, but I’m a real fan of the old style hand writing so I always have a small notebook in my handbag. 

This are some of the cutest notebooks I’ve found for you. But I’ve found my little white marble one at Coles 😉

    1. *     

6. Love

    We all need to be loved, but more than this we need to love. I believe that loving is one of the gestures that enriches our person and develop us as human being. So love your people, and tell them you do!   



7. Sun

    Enjoy the SUN! I’ll do it during my lunch brakes, and if the weekend it’s sunny a walk around is a must. I guess you already know how powerful it’s the sun light on our mood. Than if you don’t really believe so, just try it for 2 years as I did and you’ll tell me! 


8. Proud

Be happy to be part of something. A group of friends, a sport team, a workplace, an idea. Think about your last week, and be proud about at least one thing you did or you’ve been part of. Be always proud about your life and your choices, and if you can, try to be an important part of that thing. Your brain will thank you. You’ll find a more confident lifestyle. You’ll become more relaxed and incredibly strong. 


9. Food

    Have something healthy, better every day. I love fruit in summertime and veggie creams during cozy winter. But you can add organic green tea one day, than brown rice rather than a sandwich the day after, or rice snacks to carry around, fresh juices when you’re hungry out of meal times… Just little thing. I’m definitely not an expert on this topic, but I swear if you start little by little with some healthy snacks, you’ll feel the difference and you’ll never go back to junk food!

       10.Wish List

    1. Never stop wishing it’s one of my favourite quotes. Little wishes can be reached easily and give us instant satisfaction and strength. But the big wishes are the ones I’m talking about. A project (like a blog), a new business, a renovation… And you know what? Also more easy things, that you can simply buy, but are expensive. I have this list, in my “carry around notebook”, where I write down all the expensive things I want and that will take saving time to get. Having them in one page, makes simple to order them for priority and thick what I’ve already bought. So I can have a look sometimes, to see my progress and feel happy on being able to save to reach them. Also, I can keep track of my spending and understand how priority changes during the years.

Start with one of this relaxing tips tomorrow, love yourself and be happy! 

Have a wonderful Sunday, see you soon!




P.S. Don’t forget to smile! 💋


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