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10 pairs of relaxed jeans

Good day loves!

Another long weekend is gone, are you all back to normal working life? Going back to routine is one of the most difficult things to accept right? So I have a solution, and I’ve already told you about it, but sometimes we need a little refresh. Because it’s so difficult to go back, we need to find a way to keep our brain relaxed and don’t freak out on the first day. One of my girlfriends told me she like to buy something new for the work outfit, so she does’t lose her smile on the way. But some of you might prefer to don’t go out on the last “holiday” day. Because I’m in this category, I found my happy solution in online shopping again.

I mean, it is lovely to go shopping on the last day off, but you know how many times I’ve been struggling to create an outfit in the morning? Way too many! And because of this I’ve been rushing to be on time and the day it’s ruined anyways. Also, not all of us are actually able to wear the new outfit the whole day, ’cause most of us are wearing uniforms. If this is the case for you too, I believe there’s nothing more rewarding than receive a delivery. Especially if you can receive it at work!

Now, I did it! I’m gonna receive my delivery today, and I’m super excited! I could’t resist when I saw the One Teaspoon annual offer. In fact I bought 2 pair of jeans, the relaxed jeans, for a 100 $ !! I have a few of this model from Zara and Decjuba, and I always get them out every now and then. Because I always try to find new rock outfits, I find easier to use relaxed jeans rather than skinny ones. When I wear skinny pant it’s usually cause I wanna wear boots, but when I put on a pair of relaxed jeans or trousers, I know I can go ahead with everything. Relaxed style mach perfectly with ankle boots, sneakers, flats of every kind and heels. I love them with heels!

I’ll share them on IG as soon as they’ll arrive. In the meantime, I’ve found some of I favourites to share with you. Go for them, and make your lunch brake exciting with some shopping!


Under $ 100

Calli boyfriend light // Calli white // Guess trimmed hem // Topshop washed black // Monki pink writing

Topshop’s are the one I’m wearing in the featured pic (together with my perfect jacket). They’re super comfortable, they have a really high waist and so many rips (at the back too!). I love them so much! I wore them as soon as they arrived, and it wasn’t exactly warm yet. There was so much air running thru the rips 🙂 , That I assure you’ll wear them during summer too!



Designer choice

Agolde mid rise // 3.1 Philip Lim black zipped // Frame Le High straight raw edge // Nobody Denim wide leg // IRO paperbag

I recon the choice it’s difficult here. They’re all amazing! I will suggest to go for the pair that will better enhances your shape. Pockets and waist play a big role on this decision.  


Let me know how you get thru the first days, I’m in need of new suggestions to avoid shopping too often! 🙂 

Love love love!



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